It’s been an interesting few years. After losing my job in 2011, I was unemployed until 2014. I spent a lot of that time sewing, and a good bit of it rewriting my Russian folk tales book. After much hemming and hawing, I finally decided to release it into the wild:

A Circle of Salt

Vasilissa is accustomed to spending her days in a world of eternal summer, but when her carelessness causes harm to a human being, she is exiled to the human world. Vasilissa tries to keep herself aloof, but as she interacts with men and women and learns about their struggles, cares, and bravery, she begins to care more than she thought possible. But Vasilissa is not the only magical being in that world, and it will take all of her strength, wits, and magic to survive. The ancient witch Baba Yaga, and her servant, Koschei, are intent on ruling the world with blood magic. And only Vasilissa’s blood will do.


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